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Daniel Liljeberg






Agile practitioner and advocate. Strong believer in the future of agile organizations, businesses and teams.

Got my first computer, a C64, at age 7 and computers has been part of my life since then. Working professionally with development since the early 2000’s in a vast array of technologies and roles.

Social, easy going, fun loving guy with an appetite for new challenges and new knowledge who has been “there” and done “that”. That’s a good way to sum it all up.

Married and father of three kids. All true blessings 😉


Agile Coaching

Professional Agile Coach, ICP-ACC

Change Leader


Daniel as a dedicated and passionate colleague. He is always bringing solutions to problems with a customer oriented mindset and ready to walk the extra mile, when it is needed. As a specialist and developer Daniel has the ability to go deep in root cause analysis alone and also enjoys working in teams.

I have appreciated Daniels loyalty and openness when I took the responsibility as VD in Kamstrup AB and regret his decision to leave Kamstrup. I would appreciate the possibility to work with Daniel again.

Jesper Daugaard

Country Manager and Sr. Vice President at Kamstrup A/S, Chairman of DI Water and Pro-Consult A/S

I have come to know Daniel as a very committed employee. Daniel is relentless in his effort of achieving the best results for the team and company. He is recognized by both colleagues and management team, as a skillful developer and is seen as a proactive solution oriented employee. Daniel is very social and outgoing and enjoys being part of a team.

It has been a pleasure getting to know Daniel and I appreciate his honesty and hard work.

Daniel has my full support and recommendations.

Berit Andersen

Service operation manager hos Kamstrup Kamstrup A/S

Daniel is the kind of guy you wont forget. He makes an impression. In a good way :-). He’s intelligent, very ambitious and hungry. He’s not afraid to take on a challenge, but he’s humble enough to do it with respect for the task.

In fact, I think Daniel has a great combination of humbleness and ambition. He’s eager to learn new things, and he is flexible and easy-going. He has a great sense of humor and is one of the funnier guys I’ve worked with so far. I absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a smart software engineer or team leader.

Richard Kronfält

Manager Data Management & Routing at Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions AB

Daniel is one of those few guys out there who quickly can get an overview and understand almost any kind of architecture.  He is very eager to learn, and can manage most of the different programming languages out there. I recall him saying, “programming languages are just different dialects”, and in his case, this might very well be true.

Marcus Murwall

Domain Lead, Development at City Network

We hired Daniel on a PHP-based webproject due to an employee’s sudden absence. Since we are a small company and were close to a deadline, we highly appreciated Daniel’s ability to help on such short notice. His skills in PHP was excellent and he delivered high quality code – on time.

Linnea Ljunge

Digital strategist / Co-owner Linkin AB

My dear ex co-worker Daniel is a bright and fun software co-worker! With a broad register of skills – he is ambitious and works well as a leader (team lead / SCRUM master), very social, energetic and keeps focused. Like an uncut diamond, a little rough around the edges, but brilliant on the inside.

Rikard Mathisson

Software Professional | Music Producer and Composer

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