April 2015 - Daniel Liljeberg

Month: April 2015

  • As mentioned in our previous post regarding database tables for Osclass plugins written using dliCore the library offers another way to access the data stored in your tables. It was a thought that originated in an old library I did many years ago that I simplified for this case. The old approach consisted of something I called data […]

  • One thing that a lot of plugins wish to do is to save persistent data. This can be done in a number of ways. There are volatile ways like storing them in memory etc and non volatile ones like storing data to files, databases and similar. Since Osclass itself uses the MySQL database (probably works fine […]

  • In our previous post we looked at the basics of building a plugin for Osclass. There are however quite a few issues that I have observed in almost every plugin I have looked at that I felt I wanted to do differently. Issues I saw with plugins index.php often becomes bloated with functions that handle every aspect […]

  • As described in my earlier post, Osclass is a free, open-source, web application written in PHP for classified ads. One of the strong sides of it is that you have the options to create and install custom plugins to extend and alter the behavior of the application. There is an integrated market where existing plugins can […]